Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meet your newest UF star

This video of UF grad Leah Logue has been making the rounds on the Internet today. According to Clay Travis' blog, this took place at the Jacksonville Landing during Florida-Georgia weekend three or four years ago.

Apparently, Ms. Logue was in desperate need of a stall.

Hint: Unless you like listening to drunk chicks rambling, just skip ahead to the about the 1:05 mark.

I have to give her credit for taking a more direct angle to her target than Kyle Jackson ever did as a Gator, but the best part has to be her friend, just as Leah crashes and burns, saying 'Oh my God, I love her. Like seriously' so calmly when for all she knew, Logue was sporting a broken nose.

Anyway, after being featured on Keith Olbermann's show (although he got some details wrong), Leah will probably wake up tomorrow with about 1,000 Facebook friend requests. Join the club!

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