Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daily Headlines: Could this be Vandy's year?

Apparently Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson isn’t stressing over the fact that the Commodores haven’t been bowl eligible since the Regan administration. Or is he? Johnson seems to be relaxed heading into today’s game against Florida.

I know what you’re thinking. When the hell was the last time Vandy won a bowl game? Well, it was a glorious win against Auburn in the 1955 Gator Bowl.

The Commodores haven’t beaten the Gators since 1998 and it doesn’t appear like this is their year. Sorry, Bobby.
The Gators can clinch a trip to the SEC title game with a win.


Former UF and Current Jaguars' linebacker Mike Peterson returned to practice Friday. Peterson was sent home from practice Wednesday after he had an argument with coach Jack Del Rio.

It's nice to know Mike is back in good graces with every house wife's favorite NFL coach. Come on, the name just screams male porn star.


The women’s hoops team started the season in familiar fashion Friday night. You guessed it…another loss.

This time, it wasn’t even to a real team. The Gators were downed 71-62 by something called DT-3. Apparently it’s an all-star team comprised of former college and WNBA players.

We don’t know why that league still exists either. Some of lifes problems just don’t have an answer.

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