Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Headlines: Uhhh...What?

Florida coach Urban Meyer talks often about the importance of recruiting close to home, but it looks like he has failed in the most literal sense of that mantra, as his daughter, Nicki, signed a volleyball scholarship with Georgia Tech on Monday.

This is devastating news for two reasons. 1. She's good-looking, and we never want to let those get away from Gainesville. 2. This is going to make the inevitable arranged marriage between Nicki and quarterback Tim Tebow a lot harder to work out.

It's clear now though, Tebow is going to enter the NFL Draft, force the Atlanta Falcons to trade Matt Ryan and then join the Dirty Birds to get close to Nicki.

It's the only way. Matty, you understand right?

Anyway, it's a little surprising that Nicki would go to Tech, No. 58 in the current RPI, when she lives right next door to UF and its No. 11 Gators. I mean, it's not like her dad couldn't have gotten her a scholarship, especially since he's had no problem getting involved in gymnastics recruiting.


Hey, remember that Web site FireDanMullen.com?

Yea, not so popular after the Gators have ripped off six-straight victories, and now teams are going to be hunting Florida's coordinators and throwing money at them.

Oddly enough, UF offensive line coach Steve Addazio, best known for providing the team with his profanity-laced "Vitamin Addazio" speech the morning of games, may be the first to get a shot at a head coaching job, as his name has popped up repeatedly in the Syracuse search.


In his Monday press conference, Meyer talked about Percy Harvin's prospects as an NFL player, Utah's chances in the BCS, and Barack Obama's crusade for a college football playoff.


And read why UF's defense might be better next season, even if linebacker Brandon Spikes (right) leaves for the NFL.

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