Thursday, November 13, 2008

Enemy of the Program: Andrew Hoffman

If you're bored, nothing kills time better than looking at a college athlete's Facebook page.
You never know what you might find, maybe some exotic pets, dangerous stunts or a racist rant. It's a real mixed bag.

So when Gators defensive back Jacques Rickerson got popped for smacking his girlfriend around, I checked out his Facebook page. He was still in jail at the time, but his wall was blowing up with comments ranging from "keep your head up" to "you're a piece of shit," "U make me sick Jacq," and the kicker: "you w[i]ll never play footbal[l] again and [y]ou better hope i dont get to you," apparently written by a friend of the victim.

When point guard Jai Lucas announced he would transfer away from Gainesville recently, I took a look at his page, which featured a ton of "we'll miss you" posts, but one stood out.

A UF student named Andrew Hoffman (left) dropped this little gem: "have fun in D-II, get your weaksauce shit outta the o-dome. what a bust."

Wow. Really? This guy wore a "I'm a Werner Witness" t-shirt to a basketball game (below), and he's going to rip on Lucas?

Sure, I think Jai jacked up a few too many shots every once in a while, but nothing warrants what this dude said. A little background on Hoffman, he likes Scrubs (ouch), created a group in his own honor called "Hoffman is a BAMF," and his e-mail is (had to get creative with the spelling since those pesky middle schoolers always snatch up those names first).

Please, e-mail or message Hoffman and tell him he's an asshole. It needs to be done.

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