Monday, November 10, 2008

College Football Rundown (Remix)

Welcome everyone to our first edition of the College Football Rundown, remixed (Diddy invented it, we perfected it) by the Chomped and Screwed Team. Every week, our five writers vote on a top 10 power ranking, a top 5 Heisman watch, a Saturday Stud and finally a Saturday Dud. Teams are given 10 points for a first place vote, 9 points for a second place vote and so on. Heisman candidates operate on a similar 5-1 point system, and the Studs and Duds are determined based on a majority vote. The only thing we guarantee is that you're sure to disagree.

Power Rankings

1. Texas Tech (48)- Heading into Oklahoma in two weeks could mean the Red Raiders’ spot at the top is short-lived, but a win over the Sooners would mean at least a trip to the Big 12 Championship Game.
2. Alabama (46)- Tide fans can thank senior safety Rashad Johnson for securing ’Bama a spot in the SEC Championship Game and the No. 2 spot in our poll.
3. Florida (41)- One blocked extra point away from being undefeated. Tim Tebow is finally awake, and the Gators are the most dangerous team in the country.
4. Texas (33)- If only someone could have "manned up Crab." Thanks to its big win over Oklahoma, the Horns still have a shot at the Big 12 and national titles but they need a little help.
5. Oklahoma (30)- Must win against Texas Tech if it has any hope of making it to the Big 12 Championship Game, let alone the BCS title game.
6. USC (25)- Not one of the Trojans’ better teams, but they will still end up in a BCS bowl.
7. Utah (19)- Can the Utes hold off Boise State for the non-BCS conference bid? We say yes…for now.
8. Boise State (16)- Still has two roads bumps ahead before locking in another BCS game appearance.
9. Penn State (9)- The Nittany Lions gave Iowa fans – and the rest of the nation –
something to cheer about for the first time since the Brad Banks era.
T10. Georgia (3)- There is no shame in losing to two of the best teams in the nation— it's years like this that the Bulldogs wished they played in almost any other conference.
T10. Oklahoma State (3)- The Cowboys’ defense was a no-show in a game that meant everything to OSU. A win against Oklahoma will help them finish a great year on a high note.

Also receiving votes- Ball State (1), Ohio State (1)

Heisman Watch

1. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech (25)- Unanimous No. 1 for our writers. The committee agrees: Harrell cannot drop from this spot until the Red Raiders lose. Keep winning and Graham will be hoisting the hardware in NYC.
2. Tim Tebow, Florida (17)- He does it on the ground and in the air, and if he played for Navy there’d be some sly Paul Revere reference here. If the Gators win out and the Red Raiders lose, the stats might not matter.
3. Colt McCoy, Texas (15)- After a disappointing loss to Texas Tech, he needs help to win it, but his numbers will be good enough to get him an invite to New York.
T4. Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech (8)- He runs routes and catches balls like a No. 1 receiver and finishes off runs like a No. 1 running back. Harrell will probably take too many votes away from “Crab.”
T4. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma (8)- Had he not lost to Colt McCoy, he’d be No. 1 on this list. Best numbers in the nation, but it looks impossible for him to pass Tebow, even if Harrell’s Raiders lose.

Also receiving votes: Javon Ringer, Michigan State (1)

Saturday Stud

S Rashad Johnson, Alabama- This is an easy one, despite two of our writers throwing in a vote each for Tim Tebow and Graham Harrell. Johnson recorded two picks in regulation, including one for six and added another in overtime to set up the Crimson Tide’s victory. Nick Saban should take his senior out to dinner, or give him a chunk of the money he’s made breaking hearts across the Southeast United States.

Saturday Dud

QB Daryll Clark, Penn State- All Clark had to do was play well enough to win for three more games. No one was asking him to be a Heisman-type quarterback, just don't Sage-Rosenfels your team. Despite playing his worst game of the year, the Nittany Lions could have overcome his poor performance by running out the clock at the end of the game in Iowa City. Instead, Clark throws his third pick of the year, leading to the game-winning field goal for the Hawkeyes, capping a 9 for 23, 86 yards and 0 TD performance.

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