Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daily Headlines: I just want my tickets!

Looks like former Florida CB Jacques Rickerson is back at it again. You know, maybe we should give him a break, he was probably just trying to find those Ticketmaster fellows who wouldn't let him say he was from the U.S when he was trying to buy SEC Championship tickets. No worries, Jacques, the cheapest tickets on StubHub are only like $250.


In today's feel-good news department, we turn to Brandon McArthur, the UF baseball player that has faced so much adversity in his career. He has been given the President's Volunteer Service Award. Apparently, Bush CAN do some things right.


And Florida fans that are thinking of skipping the trip to Gainesville and paying $25 to watch it on TV may want to consider that this Saturday could be the last time three great Gators suit up in the Swamp. Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes are all but gone, and Tim Tebow will face a decision after the season.

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