Monday, November 17, 2008

Headlines: Thunder Dan sells out?

It was another solid day for the hardest-working man in college basketball. As usual, Dan Werner turned in a workman-like performance with solid defense and four hard-fought rebounds only he could get. And can you ever say enough about the hustle?

If there is a more fundamentally sound player out there, I sure haven’t seen him. Once again Werner did all the little things in UF’s 81-58 win over Bradley on Sunday. But he also dropped 17 points.

Could it be that the gritty Dan Werner is selling out? Has he traded in his lunch pail and hard hat for the glitz and glamour of offensive stardom? Say it aint so, Thunder. Say it aint so….

Did you happen to catch the game? If you did, you probably saw UF “center” (and we use that term very loosely) Alex Tyus getting abused by 7-foot Bradley giant David Collins.

It probably didn’t help that his backup, freshman Kenny Kadji, looked scared to death every time he got the ball.

As much as we here at CS love “The Valley” no mid-major school should push around an SEC team like that. Good luck against Syracuse, guys.

Nick Calathes was cleared of wrong doing in a gambling investigation conducted by the UF Athletic department. Calathes reportedly lost $600 playing online poker. Online poker is not prohibited by the NCAA. So, no big deal really. The most interesting thing about this story is we found out Calathes sucks at poker. You’re invited to my next game, Nick. Maybe you can bring your boy Teddy “how can you rape someone you love?” Dupay.

In shocking news, the women’s basketball team lost again . Way to go girls. You’re really keeping the Carolyn Peck legacy alive. The Gators were beat by Florida Gulf Coast. A school that is still making the transition to Division I. I’m sure Tennessee and LSU should be no problem at all.

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